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8x01 Thinky thoughts

I never do this and have no idea why I am feeling like doing it now but here goes.

Very spoilery show ramblingsCollapse )


Thanks to those that have sent me pretty things for my page. I know who some of you are and some of you I have no clue on but either way, thank you for thinking of me.

I feel loved now.

Did anyone see this?

This is absolutey an homage to Supernatural. They didn't mention that but you just know it is ;)
Rascal Flatts and Little Big Town did a medley @ the CMA Music Festival that contained:

Boston - Foreplay - Long Time
Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son
Edgar Winter Group - Free Ride

Even Nashville loves the Winchester brothers ^.^



Warning for many uses of the F-Word

Evil plain and simple

Jared read for the role of Conan the Barbarian for the new movie. He didn't get it damnit and I wanna know why the fucking casting director wants to deprive me and the world of seeing that body in a loin cloth?????????

Smallish rant over. Carry on.

Tag, I'm it

house_of_lantis Tagged me and since she gives me awesome fic, I must do as she says ^.^

True Questions

The Rules:

1. People who have been tagged must write the answers on their blog and replace any question they dislike with a new, original question.
2. Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you!
3. Hah! Now I have tagged 8 random victims! Enjoy! :)

I'm not refusing to tag 8 people. Really I'm not, I just don't really know 8 people I don't think and anyone that I would tag has done this already. Yeah I know, I'm a real drag.
If you feel moved to do this after reading mine, then lie and say I tagged you via osmossis or something. :DHere there be answers...Collapse )

Here, there be answers...Collapse )